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Brief introduction of forklift trucks

First, the simple definition of forklift truck. According to the performance of forklift truck cargo stacking, which is defined as the professional truck or container cargo pallet items. The range of handling is short distance. The strong carrying capacity makes it suitable for the transportation of all kinds of large storage goods. The general power source is fuel or electricity. Common use sites, such as warehouses, logistics centers, factories, and transportation hubs. Forklift operations are also common on cargo operators in some cargo ships or large transport planes.
Two, forklift industry simple classification. According to the power source of forklift truck, it can be divided into three categories: electric forklift truck, storage forklift truck and fuel forklift truck.
1. electric forklift truck. Its power source is on-board storage battery power supply. The electric energy supply is stable, and the pollution and noise are all within the environmental protection requirements. It is therefore used in highly demanding environmental or indoor environments such as food and pharmaceutical storage. However, due to the limited battery capacity, in long-term continuous operation, should be equipped with full standby power supply.

What are the categories of fork truck?

Side shifting fork arm. Left and right adjustments for a pallet with a pallet. Can accurately and efficiently load goods and stacking fork. The utility model not only improves the work efficiency and service life, but also reduces the labor expenses of the forklift members. Strengthen the actual utilization of the warehouse. Its installation methods are equipped and plug-in two kinds.
Two 、 forward swing fork arm. It is used for carrying goods far away from the car, and loading and unloading goods quickly and conveniently from the side of the freight car. Generally only the installation method of hanging.
Three 、 adjustable pitch fork arm. The fork arm interval is automatically adjusted by the hydraulic control of the fork truck, so as to match the fork load of the pallet with different specifications, thus eliminating the time and inaccuracy of manpower regulation. It is usually combined with the forward fork arm to improve the efficiency. The installation method also has the difference between the ready and the external.

What should I pay attention to when I buy a forklift?

First of all, consider your future operating environment. This is the first consideration to buy forklifts, many friends should take into account whether they are outdoor or indoor operations. If you are operating in a warehouse or a factory, choose an electric forklift. After all, the noise of electric forklift in the room is very small, and there is no pollution, the cost of running is still relatively low, no fuel, and no need to replace the oil, etc.. The operation is very quick and simple, and the cost of maintenance is very low. We only need to pay attention to the battery of the electric forklift and check the water level of the battery periodically. If you’re working outdoors, choose a gas or diesel powered forklift truck. Relative to electric forklift, fuel forklift power is relatively strong, and the work time is also very long, in terms of efficiency, it is very worthy of recognition.
In addition, the forklift also takes into account the forklift model. Depending on your condition, the front wheel drive forklift truck is suitable for loading. If the trailers are used for loading and unloading goods, the forward forklift is more suitable for this kind of needs. So when you buy a forklift, combine your own specific operation to choose. Of course, in the end, we should take into account the price and efficiency issues, and then combine their own circumstances, to develop their own purchase program.
The above is the small forklift on the purchase of forklifts when you need to pay attention to some of the items, in general, is to combine their actual situation, to choose in line with their own work needs and operation characteristics of forklifts. Only in this way can we work better and achieve more economic benefits.

Techniques for prolonging battery life of forklift trucks

For the driver of a forklift truck, the most important technique for forklift use must be the use of batteries. Because the accumulator is very important for the forklift truck. Without the accumulator, the forklift will not be able to do any normal work. So Xiao Bian will talk to you about how to extend the forklift battery life skills.
Tips for prolonging battery life of forklift trucks 1_ copy 1.jpg
First of all, due to the electric forklift battery power is very large, so in the process of charging should pay attention to some problems. When charging, according to the order, first open the battery socket, connect the battery port to the charger, and finally connect the AC220V power supply. Then turn on the charging switch, and at this point the indicator will start flashing, indicating that charging is starting. When the indicator turns green and does not flash, the charge is full. Of course, the battery should also try to avoid excessive discharge and charging. When the battery power shows less than 70%, at this time we should pay attention to save electricity, protect forklifts, at the same time, this is also the best protection of the battery.

Safe use of forklift truck

Fork lift truck is a kind of vehicle with special construction for transporting and transferring goods. It is called forklift because it carries the bottom of the cargo like a fork for eating, so it is naturally called by the workers. It can be divided into two major types: maneuver and manual. Manual is generally used for indoor transfer of those large items, such as factories, workshops, warehouses and other places. Operated as an operating handle, it is usually used outdoors, such as ports, cargo stores, etc..
Use a copy of 1.jpg _ forklift safety
Whether factory or enterprise, which plays an important role in the process of transportation is the main tool of goods transport, carrier transport and storage time, play a very important role in the logistics system of enterprise. Now the factory logistics system in forklift truck is more and more popular, although many people use, but not everyone understand the safe use of forklift related matters, so, in the process of use should pay attention to what?
Forklift safety use 1_ copy.Jpg
For safe use, standard operation is essential. From the point of view of the factory, it is essential to train the forklift safely in the early stage. It is necessary to ensure that each forklift worker is well aware of its operation and the relevant matters needing attention. Moreover, all the training should not be formal perfunctory, and after training to obtain the corresponding qualification certificate in order to approve the use of forklifts.
To ensure the safe use of forklift, will strictly abide by the relevant regulations, the forklift operation manual, to ensure the safety of the premise of their own and others use; for mechanical forklift used in pre must have the certificate, and in strict accordance with the provisions of the use of.
Nowadays, there are different brands and types of forklift in the market, its operations are not the same, the enterprises should consider the operator familiarity with products in the choice, according to the specific circumstances, so as to ensure a certain degree of forklift safety day. Of course, the latter is more important than the previous choice. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of forklifts, we must standardize their use, and careful operation.

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